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Tiger's Eye on Art

The Artwork of Laura A. Luzzi

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"I was born in the year of the tiger and grew up in New Jersey. I have lived in many places including New Mexico and Oregon, where I studied Fine Art & Illustration at the Pacific NW College of Art. Many of my black and white illustrations have been published, and I have instructed Illustrating Children's Literature courses at Portland Community College. Art and creative arts approaches became my focus after receiving undergrad and graduate degrees.
As a counselor and educator of twenty years, the themes and colors I use in my own art, reflect the people and places I have encountered. It was the New Mexico landscape, sky, and wildlife, however, that inspired me to paint in acrylic and use more color. I live in Berkeley now, and have already been taken by the blues and greens of the trees and ocean, and continue to use the bright colors of nature in works large and small. Personal, emotional, and potentially healing, art is an opening to a world of symbols and at its best, elicits a response."